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Purple Nutsedge is the most "common" member of the Nutsedge family in the Southeast. Yellow Nutsedge and Green Kyllinga are two other Nutsedge found in the South, though not as frequently. Nutsedge is a very difficult weed to control. They are perennial, grassy weeds and spread aggressively through their seeds, rhizomes (under creeping stems), or nuts (tubers). The underground "nuts" can lie dormant for several years, requiring an active vigil over previously treated areas.

Small "invasions" can be effectively combated by digging out the offending Nutsedge. There is also a product available called "Manage" that can suppress Nutsedge in situations with large populations. This product applied in late Spring or early Summer will selectively control the Nutsedge after it has emerged from dormancy. In bad infestations a follow-up treatment of "Manage" may be needed later in summer for controlling potential re-growth.

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