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Fertilizer Business Licenses are Required by Professionals under the law going into effect October 1, 2013. Seneca Gardens obtained its license and is in compliance with the regulations effecting everyone from farmers, municipalities, counties, commercial applicators, and home owners.

The new law is designed to protect the Chesapeake Bay from excess nutrients that contribute to explosive algae growth that rob the waters of oxygen. Algae block sunlight from reaching Bay grasses, robbing the water of their oxygen production through photosynthesis. With out that oxygen, or the plants that produce it, the Aquatic Life is dying off in large numbers.

We need to be responsible with our use of fertilizers both as a company and as a homeowner. By following the regulations of the State Law and the recommendations of the Maryland State University we can enjoy a healthy Chesapeake Bay.

And someday I can take my 22 foot sailboat out onto clear Bay waters of the Upper Chesapeake with the hope of an overnight stay, after a relaxing swim and then dinner of fresh caught healthy fish.

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