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Plants grow and die. We need to watch what is going on in our landscapes and take action as needed.

We can not be afraid of change but rather embrace it realizing the potential to grow our gardens and experience them anew.

If a plant should die or become too retched that it must be pulled - Look around first at what you have. Can another plant that may have out grown its space be transplanted? Is this a good time to reduce the size of the bed? Can a large stone or a grouping fill the space?

I had a Japanese Maple loose half of its branches to a heavy snow fall. Instead of tossing it I transplanted it up against a large stone angled in such a way as to hide the scar of the missing branches. This created a small story of a tree growing up the side of a mountain.

I then populated the surroundings with other stone a Hosta pulled from another location added some Ivy to the mix a Liriope also scavenged. I added some moss to the rock and petunias as color. More plants soon joined and became players in the story.

Today the story needs to change again. The supporting players have become to big and need to be rearranged. The Hosta and the Liriope pulled out from under the maple's branches. The Ornamental Grasses need to be split as they are taking over the story. And the Holly needs some attention.

But this is part of the ever changing story of the landscape and a welcome one. As we grow in experience through living our own lives our stories change. We meet new people move to other homes begin families and nurture them towards their own discoveries and adventures.

We must at least provide a little of that care to our landscapes or they will reflect exactly how much we do.

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