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Fertilizer Business Licenses are Required by Professionals under the law going into effect October 1, 2013. Seneca Gardens obtained its license and is in compliance with the regulations effecting everyone from farmers, municipalities, counties, commercial applicators, and home owners.

Soil Test are mandatory for the application of Phosphorus in the lawn. Retailers will need to ask for a copy of your soil test before they are allowed to sell you fertilizer with phosphorus. Lawn care companies will not be allowed to apply fertilizers with phosphorus with out a soil test.

How to take a soil sample.

Use Clean Sampling Equipment

Use a soil-sampling probe, an auger, a spade or shovel. Tools should be either stainless steel or chrome-plated. Do not use brass, bronze, or galvanized tools because they will contaminate samples with copper and/or zinc. If a shovel or a spade is used, dig a V-shaped hole to sample depth (4-6’’), then cut a thin slice as shown on the leftt. Mix soil cores for each sample in a clean, plastic bucket. If the bucket has been used to hold fertilizer or other chemicals, wash it thoroughly before using it for soil samples.

Sampling Area

Each sample should represent only one soil type or area—for example, a lawn, vegetable garden or perennially landscaped area. For each unique area, take at least six to eight samples. Place all the samples for one unique area in a plastic bucket and mix thoroughly. Use the mixture in the bucket to fill a soil sample bag about two-thirds full. Look for the fill line on the bag. If one area of your yard seems healthy and another has bare or yellow areas, sample healthy and unhealthy areas separately even if both are lawn grasses or flower gardens, etc.

We need to be responsible with our use of fertilizers both as a company and as a homeowner. By following the regulations of the State Law and the recommendations of the Maryland State University we can enjoy a healthy Chesapeake Bay.

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