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Kevin Denley
Owner Seneca Gardens
Montgomery County, Maryland
Kevin was born in the frozen north of Wisconsin and immediately began to raise a fuss for warmer climes. For their own piece of mind his parents relocated to Tropical Panama but the law required them to take him along. Here Kevin thrived in idyllic paradise until forced from his home to partake in the wonder that is institutional learning. He decided that Fine Art seemed a reasonable course of study. How hard can it be to draw fruit and the female form - and pretend it's only fruit your drawing? Not very, but it turned out the institutional bigwigs insisted that a bunch of other nonsense like English, Math, Science and the like needed to be partaken of. So Kevin did his best, in between forcing himself to imagine melons and oranges equaled female anatomy, to absorb what he could of those required curriculum. Yet in all those studies Kevin never enrolled in a course of business management. In an effort to correct that oversight he dropped out and partnered up to open an Eating establishment. He dove right in conceptualizing, designing, product testing,and creating from nothing a grand opening in three months. The idea took off and branched into six locations all following Kevin's fabulous scheme. Unfortunately for our intrepid young entrepreneur he failed to inspect closely the soul of his business associate. The discovery of that shadow of avarice and greed set Kevin adrift in the world. But fortune smiles in time on the gifted and in rapid leaps of achievements Kevin bounded from one stepping stone of experience to another. This experience was in that wonder of the out doors - lawns of grass. Plots of grass that needed to be nurtured, groomed, and pampered for the enjoyment of all who are lucky enough to run and roll or just sit on their expanse of greenness. Thus was born Seneca Gardens and with it matured our stalwart entrepreneur Kevin Denley.